Monday, August 23, 2010

What I did this summer - or - Things I learned in Maine

So this is it my last blog post from Maine. I thought that I would start off by posting a link to Maine State Music Theatre's website, where you can see videos of most of the shows that we did this summer. If you watch the video for Spamalot keep in mind that in the last song of "Always Look On The Bright Side of Life" I'm onstage behind the castle, it's my secret cameo. This week I've still been dressing Spamalot and that's going more smoothly now, and I've also been working on the Co-design of Alice in Wonderland. Some of the pictures I am posting are shots of the Girl playing Alice in her costume for so publicty shot (but I took these of course)I'm also posting pictures of various items that we were considering as options for the show, however, not all of them made it to the show. It's been a fun crazy sometimes awefull sometimes wonderful summer and I thought I'd make a list of what I learned in Maine.

1. I don't realy like lobster I tried it and I don't hate the flavor but I can't do the texture.
2.I think I could learn to like fish if it's really fresh.
3.I hate humidity!
4.The Big Top deli makes a delishious turkey club...yum!
5.Being nice doesn't always make people respect you.
6.I don't care about that last one I'm not going to stop being nice.
7.I'm physicaly capable of things I didn't think I would be capable of i.e. running up and down stairs more than 10 times a show.
8. I should never work at a job where I'm have to work alone in a room with no one to talk makes me a little crazy.
9.Even when it's hard and I'm exhausted I still love theatre.
10.Roomates can be fun and they can keep you sane.
11. I love my family and I can always count on them to see me through hard times(althought I knew that before I came to Maine)
12.I miss really good squeezy hugs from my friends.
13.A somewhat narrow galley-style kitchen is actualy quite a luxury.
14.It is possible to make good food even when you only shop for two or three days at a time.
15.I love my car and miss it a lot!
16 Hannaford is a lovely grocery store and I wish they were located in the west.
17. The Altantic ocean is cold!
18.I am weaker than I thought I was but more resilient then I thought I was.
19.I'm a western girl, even though New England is lovely and I do think I could live here I will always be a western girl. I like mountains, wide open vistas, and the warm and friendly people.
20. There are many wonderfull and talented people here who have made my time away from my home bearable/wonderful and I hope that I will be able to keep in touch with many of them.

Well it's been a great summer and I have about two and a half days left but I'm very excited to come home but I will miss the new friends I have made here.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

12 down One to go!

It's been an extreemly busy week. I've been working on the wardrobe crew for Spamalot, which opened Thursday. If you've never seen or heard of it, Spamalot is a musical based off of Monty Python's Search for the Holy Grail. It is very funny and has a lot of gags, tricks and spectacle. It is also a very hard show to run. There are 8 dressers and we all pretty much run from one change to the next. We have been open for several days now and I'm finaly getting to a point where it's going more smoothly. I'm also Co-designign the intern show of Alice in Wonderland. We had most of the cast in for fittings on Saturday and they went really well, which is good because we load that into the theatre on Saturday, and with our show scdule we have the morning today and Friday to get the show done.

Wardrobe Crew playing frisby after we had pre-sets done.

Carrie wearing a hat that we may put in the show.

The prop girls wearing a matching color scheme.

Monday, August 9, 2010

The Final Strech?

This one is going to be short and boring. I'm going to be dressing Spamalot and co-designing Alice In Wonderland right up until I come home. I will probably be pretty busy from now on. I took a few photos of the storage area of the fort to give an idea of what I've been working with. My parents have been helping me look for an apartment back home so we'll see how that goes. I finished my initial scene breakdown for Three Musketeers, the show I'm designing next year, so at least I'm making progress on some stuff. That's about all for this week.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Change of Pace and a day off!

This week has been alternately a hard week and a fun week. I think it's been difficult because I'm getting closer to the end and yet it's still a substantial amount of time left, roughly a third of my total time here was left to go at the beginning of the week. However, I got to go work at the costume shop on Saturday which I was nervous about (new situation) but it turned out to be allot of fun and one of their stichers had been hurt earlier in the week so they were very grateful for my help, it was nice to be appreciated. In fact, they asked me if I would be willing to come in on my Sunday day off to help more and I agreed to because it was really enjoyable to get to work with people for a change. Then on our Monday day off my roommates invited me to go to Freeport with them then we went to a company picnic at a board members house. It was a perfect day, warm but not too hot, and the house and the water was beautiful.

My roommates and I had a feast of zucini, squash, potatoes, and chicken it was delicious. the above video is me trying to be clever and document cooking in the tiny kitchen we share but I probably sound like an idiot. Oh well I was having fun. This is me working all alone at the fort in fact I took this picture with the timer on my camera thus the poor photographic quality. On Saturday when I worked in the shop I went to the mall to get a hot dog from a stand in the park and there was a band playing in the gazebo and two of my roommates where there and one of the electrics interns showed up it was nice to have lunch in the park and poke a little fun at the quality of the band (clearly High School aged boys) Perfect Saturday in the Summer atmosphere. These are photos of the lovely location of our company picnic I believe this is the home of one of the board members of the Theatre. There was good food and it was so beautiful and I got to go on a boat ride in the bay but I forgot to take my camera on the boat. Well that's one more week down and now I'm at about three and a half weeks to go I think I'm going to be very busy for the rest of my time here but I think that will be good so I don't have time to feel homesick. Until next week....

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