Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A few projects I have been working on.

I know I've been silent for a long time but I haven't felt like blogging for a while. Since I last blogged I moved then moved again but I have worked on some fun projects( let's face it pintrest has inspired me to attempt some things I might not have tried before)


For the last five years I have been using a smallish three drawer night stand for a dresser. This would be a problem for most people but I happen to have a clothes obsession. (AKA I love bras and I have too many of them) so I have been needing a real dresser the problem is, the style of dresser I really want is mirrored but if you look at the prices on them they are usually between $750 to $1000and that's on the cheap end.

So I took some inspiration from pintrest and I went to DI and found a nice six drawer dresser for $35

I removed the drawer pulls,cleaned, sanded, and repaired the dresser then I went to the home improvement store and found a really good silver spray paint.

I got Valspar primer in grey and Valspar Billiant Metal in silver. I started with primer first.

then waited overnight for that to dry completely then I started with the silver. It took several coats and several days and I decided to paint the inside of the drawers. I used a purple kyolan color but it didn't cover as well as I would have liked.

when the dresser was painted and everything was dry I went back to the store and picked out some new drawer pulls.

That is the finished project and now my clothes have a happy home.

One thing I have noticed is I have silver "dust" that will rub off of the dresser when I touch it. I think it's because I was working on this in October and the days were getting cold. I don't think the paint could dry properly. I plan to wait for spring and warmer weather and take it back outside and give the dresser one more coat of silver then get a good quality clear spray and give the whole thing a clear coat. I'm also not happy with the coverage of the purple inside the drawers so I will redo that and I might go with a dark charcoal instead of purple.


Another fun project I have worked on are some crazy closet monsters. In October I was at the book store and found a fun book about taking old clothes that you would get rid of and turning them into monsters. I love this idea, taking something old and "upcyling" it into a creative project. I immediately thought of making monsters for my nieces and nephew for Christmas. So I found three projects in the book that I thought were cute and again I headed to some thrift stores( I didn't have the specific clothing items I needed) take a look at these pictures.

I forgot to take a picture of the sweatshirt before I cut it up but this first one was made from a teal sweatshirt. I made this one for Ari because I thought he was kind of funky for a young teen girl.

This Monster started out as a pair of zip off leg pants. This guy was for Kai because I thought the Velcro pocket and the texture of the corduroy stripes and the zipper head (yes his head can zip off completely!) would be great for development of a one year old.

And this guy was a green and purple turtle neck sweater. I thought this would be fun for Devyn because the sweater is soft and cuddly, also I thought the monster's personality kinda matched Devyn.

Aren't these guys so funny. I'm very happy to say that they were a pretty big hit with the kids for Christmas.

So That's just a little of what I've been doing to keep the creative juices flowing.

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