Sunday, February 20, 2011

Adventures in L.A.

As promised, I am posting pictures from our trip to Los Angeles. When we arrived in LA our host Don showed us around his home and the house where we stayed, then we were still very awake so we walked down to Hollywood Blvd and saw a bit of the walk of stars and the Chinese Theatre. The next day we all stayed at the house most of the day working on our presentations, getting them finished up, but we did go to dinner at a Thai restaurant that evening. The next morning we drove to the Los Angeles Theatre Center to set up our displays and find out when our presentations were. Lindsay, Caroline, and Molly presented the first day then Annie, myself, then Milinda presented on Thursday. Thursday night we went to an Italian restaurant then we decided to explore the art walk that happens in downtown LA once a month. Friday morning We had to load in the set for Do Not Hit Golf Balls Into Mexico. The Show had two performances with a feed back session after the first. then after the second show we had to strike the set and load it out which made for a very long day. On Saturday I slept in a bit then Nate and I walked over to Hollywood Blvd and got lunch and I did a little shopping and bought some new perfume at the Sephora. Then we met up with Annie and Melinda and went to FIDM (Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising) where there was an exhibit of this year's Oscar Nominated Costume Designs. Then we dropped Nate off and we went to the Disney Concert Hall, and after that we drove by what looked like a street festival so we stopped and looked around and decided to stay for dinner. I had the most delicious Mexican meal and we were serenaded by two Mariachi signers. That night was the awards ceremony we got there a little early and played Phase 10. At the awards ceremony Caroline got a Regional award for costume, Molly got National for make-up, Milinda got a Regional for lighting, Annie got a Regional award for Scenic Design, and I got the National ward for Scenic Design. So, way to go Utah State-rs!

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The Proud Grandparents said...

Great pictures of Don's house, where you stayed, and a snippet of the various things you got to do and see while you were LA. Once again contrats on your special award. Best wishes to you when you compete at the Kennedy Center in April.

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